* now hosts a wiki/bug tracker, svn repository and community
 *  forum for software formerly known as TiEmu and TiLP and all of their
 *  dependencies due to change in ownership of that software over to a group
 *  who shares very different beliefs from us on how the software should be
 *  maintained. For more information please check the CalcForgeLP or
 *  Emu-TIGCC (formerly TiLP and TiEmu, respectively) websites or the
 *  community forum. The links are posted below.
 *  CalcForgeLP website
 *  Emu-TIGCC website
 *  Community Forum
 *  -
 *  SVN Repository
 *  GNU/Linux Software Repository
 *  -
 *  Downloads for CalcForge projects can be found below:
 *  Downloadsgopher-menu

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