CalcForge: Developer Preview

 *  This is a first release of the CalcForge libraries. The goal of this
 *  release is to allow third-party developers to port their applications
 *  to the renamed libraries and the resulting API changes. The application
 *  renames are not complete yet, thus this developer preview release does
 *  not include any applications.
 *  The new releases also fix some bugs in Romain Lievin's last releases,
 *  but you will have to wait for the corresponding application releases to
 *  benefit from the bugfixes.
 *  Release announcement
 *  API changes
 *  Report bugs here
 *  This developer preview includes:
 *  calcforge-docgen 1.01octet-stream
 *  libcalccables 1.3.1octet-stream
 *  libcalcconv 1.1.1octet-stream
 *  libcalcfiles 1.1.3octet-stream
 *  libcalcprotocols 1.1.5octet-stream

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